What We Do For You

Noima Consultancy works with Tech companies to introduce their products, technologies and brand to the global marketplace.

We work with companies from the very start or join them when they have established themselves in some countries but want to expand to more.


Business Planning

We will define a specific sales strategy for each country and region. This plan will include all routes to market and the costs. We develop pricing strategies and forecast stock quantities by country.


Consulting and Management

Our team can manage the complete business and act as your global sales team. We can also do the set up and then pass the day to day running over to you. Or maybe you just need a Workshop or short term project completed.


Product Management, Supply Chain and Logistics

We have a dedicated team who will cover all your product management, supply chain and logistics needs. From ensuring you have the correct certifications to getting the product into customers hands.

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Email: sales@noima.co.uk

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